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Power Sweeping Services


Keeping all outside areas clean and properly maintained is a key element of successful business property management. Shopping centers are areas of community activity and community acceptance depends on many factors. One of the most important factors being appearance. Well maintained parking lots, garages and common areas make a positive first impression.

Sidewalks: Keeping sidewalks free of cans, glass, cigarette butts, and other debris creates a professional appearance for your property and ensures a safe, accident-free surface for your customers to walk on.

Trash Receptacles: CSS Industries, LLC will maintain your trash receptacles. We will empty and reline your trash receptacles on a regular basis to enhance your property's overall exterior appearance, and eliminate undesirable factors related to poor sanitation practices: odors, insects, overflow.

Perimeter: Keeping your islands and grassy areas clean is an important part of our total sweeping package. CSS Industries, LLC will ensure all perimeter areas are free of debris to maintain a professional appearance.

Blacktop Area: CSS Industries, LLC uses professionally maintained state of the art vacuum sweepers to ensure your blacktop area is kept clean. Glass, dirt, and debris will be a thing of the past.

Corners: It's not clean unless the corners are clean! Our crews will sweep out all curblines and corners, giving your property that clean, crisp look that tells your customers that details are important to you.

When the icy winter comes to an end, we offer sand sweeping and removal for parking lots and roadways.  In addition to the aesthetic benefit for the parking area and roadways, it is especially important to remove the sand and salt for a number of reasons.

Negative aspects of sand on roadways and parking lots:

- Leftover winter sand is a slip and fall hazard, you don’t need to deal with safety issues.
- Sand fills and erodes storm sewers
- Sand entering storm sewers system is eventually deposited into rivers
- Sand particles are picked up by tires and become airborne. This causes pollution, violation of clean air   act standards, health hazards and airborne sand removes paint from vehicles.

With the amount of wear and tear that many garages endure on a daily basis, annual deep cleaning is one way to keep them looking fresh. CSS Industries, LLC provides a variety of services.

Degrease & Scrub: Application of a heavy-duty degreaser and scrubbing of the floor with a ride-on automatic floor scrubber to clean and remove layers of oil, dirt, and grime from parking spaces and garage floors. The ride-on machine enables even multi-level garages and large parking lots to be cleaned quickly, so there is less down time for your residents and visitors. Spot cleaning services are also available for deeper oil stains.

Pressure Washing: Helps to remove dirt, gum, and other debris from concrete surfaces.

Regularly scheduled garage cleaning cuts down on the accumulation of carbon soot layers - the build-up can, over time, damage your cars, interior garage fixtures, and can be harmful to breathing. We recommend annual cleaning for a normal garage and semi-annual or quarterly cleaning for high traffic garages.


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